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Step into the vibrant atmosphere of Trois Rivieres with our real-time webcam, offering a window into the city's soul. Known for its rich heritage, Trois Rivieres boasts a storied past as the second oldest city in Quebec. Our live cam captures the essence of its historical charm and the dynamism of modern life.

Behold the city's landmarks, such as the iconic Laviolette Bridge, which stretches elegantly over the Saint Lawrence River. The Borealis museum, an ode to the city's industrial history, stands as a testament to the resilience and innovation of the Trois Rivieres spirit.

Cultural festivities come to life in this urban tapestry, where the poetry of Les Forges du Saint-Maurice resonates with the echoes of a once-thriving ironworking industry. Our webcam invites you to experience these cultural nuances, from the lively downtown festivals to the serene riverfront that has inspired artists for centuries.

Immerse yourself in the daily rhythm of Trois Rivieres. From the bustling energy of the Rue des Forges to the tranquil beauty of the Parc Portuaire, our webcam captures it all. Discover the city's cultural features that are as rich and diverse as the landscapes of the Province of Quebec.

Join us on a virtual journey to Trois Rivieres, where every frame of our live cam tells a story. Experience the heartbeat of this historic city, and witness the blend of tradition and transformation that defines the unique character of Trois Rivieres.

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