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Austin is a US city located in south-central Texas, the state capital and administrative center of Travis County. The city was founded in 1839 and named after Stephen Austin, one of the founders of independent Texas. Austin is the 4th largest city in Texas and the 11th largest in the United States. Center for political and administrative activities. Austin is home to one of the largest US universities - the University of Texas. The population of the city is one million people.
Austin, Texas is known for its rich cultural heritage, beautiful parks and scenic surroundings. Here are a few attractions worth visiting in Avstin:
Texas Capitol: Visit the main Texas state building to learn about the state's history and government system. The Capitol is majestic in its architecture and is one of the main attractions of Avstin.
Gardens and parks: Avstin is known for its beautiful parks and gardens. One of the most popular parks is Zilker Park, located next to the Colorado River. Also worth a visit are Barton Springs Park, where you can swim in natural springs, and Lederle Botanical Gardens, where you can enjoy the beauty of a variety of plants.
Museums: Austin has many interesting museums, including the Texas History Museum, the Blanton Museum of Fine Arts, and the Thinkery Science Museum. These museums offer exciting exhibits and programs for all ages.
University of Texas at Austin: Visit the campus of one of the largest universities in the US. Walk along beautiful green alleys, visit stadiums and explore campus buildings. Music scene: Avstin is known as the "capital of live music". The city has many music clubs and concert venues where you can enjoy live performances by various musicians.

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