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Perched on the Pacific coast of Puntarenas, Jaco is a captivating blend of natural beauty and rich history. Our webcam provides a real-time glimpse into this bustling beach town, allowing you to soak in its scenic landscapes and vibrant streets right from your screen.

Historically, Jaco was once a sleepy fishing village. Its transformation into a renowned tourist destination began in the 20th century, thanks to its pristine beaches and proximity to the capital, San José. Over the years, it has retained its charm while evolving into a modern hub for travelers and adventure seekers alike.

The town is graced with several remarkable landmarks. Most notably, its expansive beach, renowned for surfing and sunsets, is a must-visit for any traveler. Adjacent to Jaco, you'll find Carara National Park, a biodiversity hotspot teeming with tropical birds, mammals, and reptiles. The Miro Mountain offers panoramic views of the Pacific coastline and is a popular hiking spot for both locals and tourists.

Culturally, Jaco is known for its laid-back atmosphere infused with Tico warmth. It boasts a lively arts scene, with local galleries displaying works of both national and international artists. Festivals and events, such as the Jaco Beach Music Festival, enliven the town throughout the year, showcasing its vibrant cultural and musical heritage.

For those eager to explore more of Puntarenas' coastal wonders, our collection of Puntarenas webcam views promises a deeper dive into this enchanting province, one live cam at a time.

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